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The Mettes Family Tree contains many names. If you have additions, questions or suggestions, please post a message at the Mettes Mailing List below!

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The Mettes Mailing List allows members of the Mettes family and other interested people to establish and maintain contact with each other. If you join, you can send and receive messages to and from all others on the list by email, or post and read messages on the WEB. You will also be able to look at some of the archived messages, to see if you recognize other members of the Mettes family!

To join, simply send an empty email message to and you'll get a verification message. Reply to the verification and you are on the list!

Similarly, you can send an empty email to to get off the list.

You can also join the Mettes Email List by filling in the form below:

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More details of members of the Mettes family may also be found at:
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